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Student/Employee Fraternization

Employees of the College are prohibited, under any circumstances, to date or engage in any fraternization or undue familiarity with students, regardless of the student’s age and/or regardless of whether the student may have consented to such conduct. Further, employees may not entertain students or socialize with students outside of the College environment. Similarly, any action or comment by an employee which invites romantic or sexual involvement with a student is considered highly unethical, in violation of College policy, and may result in disciplinary action by the College.

Inappropriate employee behavior includes, but is not limited to: flirting; making suggestive comments; dating; requests for sexual activity; physical displays of affection; giving inappropriate personal gifts; frequent personal communication with a student (via phone, e-mail, letters, notes, text messaging, social networks, etc.) unrelated to course work or official College matters; giving or accepting rides; giving or offering housing; selling or buying anything even of nominal value; providing alcohol or drugs to students; inappropriate touching; and engaging in sexual contact and/or sexual relations.

We also expect that our students will behave in a professional manner towards faculty and staff and will follow the same guidelines as are presented here for employees. If a student witnesses or hears of a College employee’s participation in an inappropriate relationship with a student, we ask that the incident be reported to the Campus Executive Director, Campus Dean or the Ethics Hotline immediately.



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