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Student Record Retention

The College will maintain student records for each student, whether or not the student completes the educational program, for a period ending five years after the date of the student's graduation, withdrawal, or termination (with the exception of students who cancel their program). Student transcripts will be maintained indefinitely. The student records shall be retrievable by student name and shall contain all of the following applicable information:

  • Written records and transcripts of any formal education or training relevant to the student's qualifications for admission to the College;
  • Copies of all documents signed by the student, including contracts, instruments of indebtedness, and documents relating to financial aid;
  • Copies of all tests given to the student before admission; records of the dates of enrollment and, if applicable, withdrawal, leaves of absence, and graduation;
  • A transcript showing all of the classes and courses or other educational services that were completed or were attempted but not completed and grades or evaluations given to the student;
  • A copy of documents relating to student financial aid that are required to be maintained by law or by a loan guarantee agency;
  • A document showing the total amount of money received from or on behalf of the student and the date or dates on which the money was received;
  • A document specifying the amount of a refund, including the amount refunded for tuition and the amount for equipment, the method of calculating the refund, the date the refund was made, the check number of the refund, and the name and address of the person or entity to which the refund was sent;
  • Copies of any official advisory notices or warnings regarding the student's progress; and
  • Complaints received from the student, including any correspondence, notes, memoranda, or telephone logs relating to a complaint.
  • The College shall maintain records of student attendance.



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