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Student Complaint/Grievance Procedure

Students with complaints/grievances relating to classroom matters should first discuss them with their instructor. Unresolved complaints/grievances should be directed to the Program Director.

If dissatisfied with response or solution, follow the steps below:

CALL 1-800-448-1681 and ask for the campus you are attending.

  • Level 1: Contact the Director of Education. If dissatisfied with the response or solution, go to the next level.
  • Level 2: Contact the Campus Executive Director. If dissatisfied with the response or solution, go to the next level.
  • Level 3: Contact the College Student Experience Manager. If dissatisfied with the response or solution, go to the next level.
  • Level 4: Contact the Chief Operating Officer of American Career College.

Guidelines for Writing a Grievance

  1. Draft a Letter. The grievance is initiated when the student submits a formal grievance (using the "Filing a Grievance" form) and supporting documentation (including, but not limited to, a letter detailing the complaint and evidence or proof to support complaint). Explain the situation completely and accurately in a well-written document that:
    1. Outlines the situation
    2. States your position
    3. Requests your desired outcome or solution

      Checklist for Students Submitting Grievances
      1. Student name
      2. >Date you are filing the grievance
      3. Program (For example: MA, DA, VN, PTA, RAD, etc.)
      4. The office or individual the grievance is against
      5. Location, date, and time the alleged incident occurred
      6. Full names of all witnesses (First and last names, middle initial if available)
      7. Reason or basis for grievance:
        1. List the policy or procedure or norm that was allegedly violated
        2. Why you believe the action or behavior is an alleged violation (description of the specific action or behavior that occurred)
      8. Date and details of informal discussion with individual(s), regarding the alleged incident.
      9. Date and details of informal discussion with Program Director or Director of Education regarding the alleged incident (if appropriate)
      10. Resolution or remedy being sought
  2. Be thorough. Please remember that the grievance documentation stating your position and desired outcome is a key component used to evaluate the situation, along with feedback from witness(es) or persons with direct knowledge, deans, faculty and administration. This letter may be your only opportunity to communicate the situation and your desired resolution.
  3. Include any and all supporting documentation that you feel will help clearly state and support your position. A well written letter is best supported by examples or attestations from other students, faculty or staff when applicable.
  4. If you have questions, ask!
    Chandra Deveroux
    Student Experience Manager
    (714) 876-6089


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