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Cell Phone Policy

Students shall:

  • Turn off cell phones/IPods/PDA/PC communication or entertainment devices during theory classes, laboratory classes and clinical practice.  These devices may be used only at break times in the following areas of the school grounds: student lounge, restroom, or outside the building.  In the clinical/externship setting, students must comply with the ACC cell phone use policy. If an emergency arises, have the family call the school and the student will be immediately notified.
    1. If a cell phone or other personal electronic device is used in class or clinical, a deficiency will be written.
    2. If there is a second occurrence, the student will be placed on probation for failure to follow policy.
    3. If there is a third occurrence, the student may be terminated from the program.
  • Prohibit the use of taping and/or video recording on an electronic device without the consent of the individual/(s) being recorded. It is illegal for any person, including students, to use an electronic device to record what is happening in the classroom and on campus without the consent of the individual/(s) involved.

Failure to abide by these cell phone policies may result in probation or dismissal from the program.



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