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Past Due Account

Past Due Accounts

Students become past due on their account after their first missed payment period. The Student Resource Center or Campus Business Office communicates with students that have past due accounts on a weekly basis. Communication may include, but is not limited to: phone calls, emails, text messages, paper notifications delivered by their instructor, or notification via regular mail. Communication regarding past due accounts may be initiated by Tuition Options.

Students who fail to make prompt payments, issue personal checks which are returned by banks, or fail to make a good-faith effort to keep their account current and in good-standing, may be subject to late fees and College disciplinary action. For students that wish to re-enter or restart their program of study that are delinquent on their current payment plan, a good faith payment is required. Students will be required to make a good faith payment in the amount of 50% of their past due amount on their current payment plan.  Additional criteria may also be required for re-entry. Students who have been dismissed for non-payment of tuition will not be re-admitted until all delinquent tuition payments have been paid in full.

Appeal Process

Students who have been notified that they will be suspended from attending classes, or will be dismissed from college for failing to make prompt payments, may elect to appeal this decision.  Students wishing to appeal suspension or dismissal due to financial responsibility will need to complete a Financial Responsibility Disciplinary Action Appeal form and provide supporting documentation to support their appeal. Examples of adequate documentation include, but are not limited to, letter from former employer regarding layoff or termination, letter from physician or medical facility documenting illness or injury, letter from a counseling professional, and/or unemployment benefits statement. A Financial Responsibility Committee consisting of the campus Executive Director, Vice President of Financial Aid, and Director of Education or Program Director, will review the appeal and supporting documentation and inform the student of their decision within 72 hours of receipt of the Financial Responsibility Disciplinary Action Appeal Form.  The decision of the committee will be final.



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