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Pharmacy Technician


Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP): 51.0805 (Pharmacy Technician/Assistant)

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 29-2052.00 (Pharmacy Technicians), 31-9095.00 (Pharmacy Aides)

Quarter Credits: 46.0

In Class Clock Hours: 780

Outside Hours: 405.5

Total Hours: 1185.5

Method of Delivery: Blended

Number of Weeks: 36*

*Weeks May Be Extended Depending On Holiday Schedules

Career Training Objective

The Pharmacy Technician program is designed to provide students with the technical knowledge and practical skills necessary for an entry-level position in retail, wholesale, hospital, or home health pharmacy settings, or in a prior authorization department, compounding lab and other positions related to the manufacturing, distribution or support of pharmacy products.

Pharmacy Technician students learn pharmacy law, basic chemistry, pharmacology, dosage calculations, inpatient pharmacy procedures, and retail pharmacy procedures. Major emphasis is placed on learning the trade and generic names of selected drugs, drug classifications, indications, routes of administration, side effects, dosages, and storage requirements. Pharmaceutical preparation skills including filling prescriptions, unit dose drug distribution system, and preparation of sterile products are introduced, explained, and practiced. Students learn pharmaceutical and medical terminology including abbreviations and symbols used in prescribing, dispensing and charting. Basic anatomy and related pathological conditions are introduced. The responsibilities and duties of the Pharmacy Technician, including ethical standards within the practice of pharmacy, are presented. Basic computer operations, such as data input procedures used in maintaining patients' medication records, are covered under daily keyboarding and typing lab schedules. Hands-on procedures in all aspects of pharmacy operation, including extemporaneous compounding, unit dose cassette filling, IV admixtures compounding using aseptic technique, and retail pharmacy practices are also covered in the pharmacy lab.

The training program is divided into learning units called modules. Students must complete all modules. Each core module stands alone and is not dependent upon previous training. Upon successful completion of the classroom and laboratory training, students are required to complete a 300 hour externship. Completion of the program is acknowledged by the awarding of a diploma.

Upon completion of the program, students will be employable as entry-level pharmacy technicians. Graduates may also secure employment in other areas of the Pharmacy field, such as Pharmacy Assistants or Pharmacy Clerks.

Instructional Equipment

  • Anatomical Charts/Models
  • Conical and cylindrical graduates
  • Laminar-Flow Workbench
  • Mortars and Pestle
  • Ointment slabs and spatulas
  • Personal Computers
  • Pharmacological References
  • Triple beam and electronic balances


Program Outline

Program Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County and Ontario

Required Courses

Course Number


In Class Clock Hours

Outside Clock Hours

Quarter Credits

PT1 Pharmacy Law 80.00 71.00 6.0
PT2 Drug Fundamentals 80.00 69.00 6.0
PT3 Pharmacology 80.00 68.50 6.0
PT4 Drug Distribution 80.00 71.00 6.0
PT5 IV Preparation 80.00 57.00 6.0
PT6 Retail Pharmacy 80.00 69.00 6.0
PTEXT Externship 300.00 0.00 10.0





Course Number: PT1

Title Pharmacy Law
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours71.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PT2

Title Drug Fundamentals
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours69.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PT3

Title Pharmacology
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours68.50
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PT4

Title Drug Distribution
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours71.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PT5

Title IV Preparation
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours57.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PT6

Title Retail Pharmacy
In Class Clock Hours80.00
Outside Clock Hours69.00
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: PTEXT

Title Externship
In Class Clock Hours300.00
Outside Clock Hours0.00
Quarter Credits10.0


In Class Clock Hours


Outside Clock Hours


Quarter Credits


Courses offered in a blended format, a combination of online and on ground.



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