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Clinical Practicum I

This course provides the student with actual experience participating in surgical procedures and direct patient care in the Surgical Technologists role in the following areas: preoperative, intra-operative, and postoperative patient care. The student also participates in assisting with instrument processing as well as pulling supplies and instrumentation from the sterile supply areas. A clinical experience includes assisting team members with daily peri-operative duties of a surgical technology student while under the supervision of a staff surgical technologists and/or registered nurse. Students are oriented to a surgical facility and the daily routine of the facility. They may initially observe surgical procedures and then begin to second scrub minor procedures. As their clinical experience progresses they move into the first scrub position for minor procedures and then scrub major cases. Students must demonstrate completion of one hundred and twenty (120) procedures in the first scrub and second scrub role. Within the 120 cases, students are required to complete 30 cases in General Surgery. Twenty of the cases must be in the First Scrub Role. Students are required to complete 90 cases in various surgical specialties. Sixty of cases must be in the First Scrub Role and evenly distributed between a minimum of 5 specialties. However, 15 is the maximum number of cases that can be counted in any one surgical specialty. The 120 cases must be completed between the two clinical practicum courses, SURG 281 and SURG 291.


Clinical Hours:

ANAT205, ANAT205-L, ANAT240, ENGL100, MATH110, MEDTR110, PSYC100, SURG100, SURG111, SURG111-L, SURG131-L, SURG140, SURG200, SURG210, SURG230, SURG251, SURG251-L, SURG260, SURG270



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