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Applicants to the Dental Assisting program who are pregnant at the time of enrollment must provide authorization from their attending physician prior to starting the program.

In the Dental Assisting program, students who become pregnant must obtain written authorization from their attending physician to produce radiographic images. Pregnant students who have obtained a written authorization from their attending physician will be required to wear a lead shield at all times during production of x-radiation (this includes production of x-radiation by the pregnant student, fellow students, or teachers).

Vocational Nursing students who are pregnant or become pregnant must inform the Director of Nursing and must provide a complete medical clearance from their treating physician prior to attending skills lab and clinical rotations.

In the Radiography Program, students who become pregnant must do the following:

  • In accordance with the regulations of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), REGULATORY GUIDE 8.29, 10CFR, Part 20 and the State of California regulations, CALIFORNIA STATE SYLLABUS ON RADIATION PROTECTION, Appendix Number 5, declaration of a pregnancy is done on a voluntary basis. The declaration must be in writing using the program specific Declaration of Pregnancy form and given to the Program Director for it to be officially recognized. By declaring a pregnancy the student will adhere to acceptable lower dose limits for the embryo/fetus. The pregnancy can be declared as soon as conception is confirmed or at any time during the pregnancy. As soon as the pregnancy is declared the college is required to make sure that the embryo/fetus does not receive more than 500 millirem (5 mSV) during the term of the pregnancy, from estimated conception date. The student will wear an additional radiation dosimeter at waist level under the protective leaded apron shielding. As in all radiography the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)” principles will be adhered to throughout the pregnancy.
  • Once a student declares a pregnancy, she has several choices for continuing in the program. If she chooses to not declare the pregnancy then no changes will be made to the student’s schedule and the embryo/fetus will be subject to the same radiation dose limits as all occupational workers.



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