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Dental Assisting


Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP): 51.0601 (Dental Assisting/Assistant)

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code: 31-9091.00 (Dental Assistants)

Quarter Credits: 49.5

In-Class Clock Hours: 800

Outside Hours: N/A

Total Hours: 800

Method of Delivery: Residential

Program Length in Weeks: 40*

*Weeks may be extended depending on holiday schedules.

Career Training Objective

Dental Assistants are key members of the dental team. Dentists rely upon Dental Assistants to perform a wide range of patient, clinical and laboratory procedures. As dental procedures continue to expand and patient awareness of dental services increases, Dental Assistants will continue to be indispensable contributors to dental health care and the community.

The College's Dental Assisting program provides graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary to qualify for an entry-level position as a Dental Assistant. Graduates may also secure employment in other areas of dentistry, such as Pediatric Dentistry, or as a Back Office Assistant, and may work for public health facilities, hospital dental departments, correctional facilities, schools/universities, clinics, and dental suppliers. Emphasis is placed on the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) written exam. The exam consists of subjects in general dentistry and law and ethics. Students are encouraged to sit for the exam upon successful completion of the program.

The program prepares students for Coronal Polish Certification*, Pit and Fissure Certification* and the requirements necessary to earn a California Radiation Safety Certificate (limited to dental x-ray). Students practice techniques and procedures in a spacious and modern dental laboratory to gain proficiency in those competencies. In addition, equipment, materials, and instruments comparable to those used in an actual dental facility are used in our classrooms.

The training program is divided into learning units called modules. Students must complete all modules. Each core module stands alone and is not dependent upon previous training. Upon successful completion of the classroom and laboratory training, students are required to complete a 160-hour externship. The program includes instruction on the California Dental Practice Act and infection control in accordance with the requirements of the Dental Board of California. Completion of the program is acknowledged by the awarding of a diploma. Students also receive an 8 hour Infection Control certificate and a 2 hour Dental Practice Act certificate.

*The Coronal Polish Certification and Pit and Fissure Certification are awarded by the State of California upon successful completion of the RDA exam and completion of a state examination. Students must successfully complete coronal polish, pit and fissure, and radiation safety written and practical examinations with a minimum score of seventy-five percent (75%).

Instructional Equipment

Dental Operatories, Laboratory work area and Lecture room equipped with the following:

  • Amalgamators
  • Anatomical Models and Charts
  • Autoclave
  • Automatic Processing Equipment
  • High Speed Handpieces
  • Impression Materials
  • Instrument Tray Set-ups
  • Lathe
  • Laboratory Handpieces Model Trimmers/Vibrators
  • Oral Evacuation Delivery Units
  • Operator Stools
  • Practice Mannequins/ Typodonts
  • Slow Speed Handpieces
  • Ultrasonic Equipment
  • Vacuum Former
  • X-ray Units
  • X-ray View boxes


Program Outline

Program Locations: Los Angeles, Orange County and Ontario

Required Courses

Course Number


Clock Hours

Quarter Credits

DAA Fundamentals of Dental Assisting 80 5.5
DAB Science of Dentistry 80 5.5
DAC Restorative Dentistry/Pharmacology 80 5.5
DAD Laboratory Procedures/Prosthodontics 80 5.5
DAE Pediatric Dentistry/Orthodontics 80 5.5
DAF CPR/Preventive Dentistry 80 5.5
DAG Endodontics/Radiography 80 5.5
DAH Oral Surgery/Anesthetics 80 6.0
DAEXT1 Externship I 80 2.5
DAEXT2 Externship II 80 2.5




Course Number: DAA

Title Fundamentals of Dental Assisting
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAB

Title Science of Dentistry
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAC

Title Restorative Dentistry/Pharmacology
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAD

Title Laboratory Procedures/Prosthodontics
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAE

Title Pediatric Dentistry/Orthodontics
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAF

Title CPR/Preventive Dentistry
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAG

Title Endodontics/Radiography
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits5.5

Course Number: DAH

Title Oral Surgery/Anesthetics
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits6.0

Course Number: DAEXT1

Title Externship I
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits2.5

Course Number: DAEXT2

Title Externship II
Clock Hours80
Quarter Credits2.5


Clock Hours


Quarter Credits




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