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No Weapons Policy

ACC is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment. 

ACC policy prohibits all persons who enter the College property from possession, use, manufacturing, distributing, sales, etc. of any firearm, knives, explosives of any kind, TASERs, or other weapons capable of threatening or producing bodily harm, regardless of whether the person is licensed to carry the weapon or not; with the exception of authorized law enforcement officials, contracted security personnel, and ACC associates specifically authorized to carry weapons for security purposes. Anyone found in violation of ACC’s policies shall be subject to disciplinary policies and procedures applicable to students, academic and staff personnel, and/or criminal prosecution by the appropriate jurisdiction.

Individuals should immediately report weapons violations to the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) at the campus or by dialing (855) 955-9911 or call 911 if they feel an immediate threat of bodily harm. It is important to provide a description and location of the individual carrying the weapon. Contracted security partners have and will continue to investigate any threat to the safety of ACC students and staff.


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