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Clinical Practicum III

This course is a continuation of the clinical experience from RTCP 212 and begins with an orientation to the hospital / respiratory department in terms of policies, procedures, equipment storage location and handling. Students will gain competency in the management of critically ill patients including adult, neonatal and pediatric patients. Students will practice skills necessary to safely place and secure the patient airway, to obtain arterial blood gases via arterial puncture as and from indwelling arterial catheters, to provide patient / family education on a variety of therapies and topics in respiratory care and to communicate effectively within to the members of the patient care team. Students will gain competency in the initiation, management and weaning of the critically ill patient from a wide range of ventilator support. Students will present a clinical research paper by the end of this practicum in order to demonstrate the integration of didactic theory, clinical experience and research skills in a written format.


Clinical Hours:

ANAT205, ANAT205-L, CAREER100, ENGL110, MATH110, PSYC110, RESP200, RESP200-L, RESP221, RESP233, RESP233-L, RESP234, RESP234-L, RESP235, RESP241, RESP241-L, RESP243, RESP251, RESP251-L, RESP253, RESP261, RESP261-L, RESP263, RESP272, RESP272-L, RESP283, RTC

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