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Clinical Practicum I

This course is an introduction to the clinical environment and begins with an orientation to the hospital/respiratory department in policies, procedures, equipment storage location and handling. Students will gain hands on experience in infection control policy and procedures, selection and assembly of basic respiratory care equipment for the purposes of administering oxygen therapy, humidity and aerosol therapy and broncho-active aerosol therapy. Emphasis will be placed on developing skills of patient assessment, observation, modification of therapy, development of patient care plans and documentation to the patient care record. Students will gain competency in the areas of non-invasive pulmonary hygiene, lung expansion therapy, airway clearance techniques. The student will also develop skills in patient/family education on a variety of therapies and topics in respiratory care. During this practicum, students will complete chart reviews in order to demonstrate familiarity with locating and collecting patient data from the medical record. Students will also present a case study in order to demonstrate the integration of didactic theory with clinical skills.


Clinical Hours:

ANAT205, ANAT205-L, CAREER100, ENGL110, MATH110, PSYC110, RESP200, RESP200-L, RESP221, RESP233, RESP233-L, RESP234, RESP234-L, RESP235, RESP241, RESP241-L, RESP243, RESP251, RESP251-L, RESP253, RESP261, RESP261-L, RESP283

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