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Board Review

This course is a study of pulmonary diagnostic testing techniques & interpretation for procedures occurring in the PFT laboratory, at the bedside, special procedures imaging departments, pathology and clinical laboratory departments. An emphasis will be placed on how information from various diagnostic tests and studies (such as pulmonary function testing and clinical lab findings) are used to determine the presence, extent, and progression of lung disease and abnormality and also how these findings are utilized to develop an on-going plan of care for the patient.


ANAT105, MATH110, RCP100, RCP100-L, ENGL110, RCP200 RCP250, RCP250-L, RCP300, RCP370, RCP330, RCP330-L, PSYC110, RCP470, RCP450, RCP450-L, CAREER100, RCP550, RCP500, RCP500-L, RCP600, RCP600-L, RTCP210, RCP700, RTCP212


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