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Physical Agents

Physical Agents emphasizes an understanding of the clinical indications, contraindications, and considerations required for safe application of physical agents for the purpose of improving tissue healing and modulating pain, while improving the patient’s capacity for increased function. Students will explore the scientific principles for use of electrotherapeutic modalities, physical agents and mechanical modalities including but not limited to athermal agents, cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, light agents, sound agents, thermotherapy, compression therapies, gravity assisted compression devices, mechanical motion devices and traction units. Students will develop appropriate documentation skills pertinent to effective communication of the intervention applied. Agents will be studied within the context of safety as well as legal and appropriate administration by a physical therapist assistant under the direction and supervision of a physical therapist.



ANAT200, ANAT200-L, ANAT208, ANAT208-L, PTA215, PTA215-L, PTA 216, PTA 225, PTA 225-L, PTA 211, PTA 211-L


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