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Therapeutic Exercise I

Therapeutic Exercise I presents foundational knowledge for application of therapeutic exercise to improve functional outcomes in patients of varying diagnoses, ages and physiological states. Primary areas of study include: prevention and wellness, range of motion, stretching, peripheral joint mobilization, resistive exercise, exercise physiology and the introduction to cardiac rehabilitation. Relating movement to the anatomy, physiology, arthrokinematics and arthrokinetics are the underpinning fundamentals in this course. Recognition of safety parameters including precautions and contraindications is required, as is an understanding of normal and abnormal physiological responses associated with varying forms of exercise. Emphasis is placed on role utilization of the physical therapist assistant and communication strategies within the established plan of care.



PTA100, PTA100-L, ANAT208, ANAT208-L, PTA211, PTA211-L, PTA215, PTA215-L


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