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Therapeutic Exercise I Lab

Therapeutic Exercise I Lab component prepares students to apply principles of therapeutic exercise as intervention in an established physical therapy plan of care. Students will explore, identify, and implement therapeutic exercises as appropriate in diverse simulated patient populations. Primary areas of study include: prevention and wellness, range of motion, stretching, resistive exercise, exercise physiology and the introduction to cardiac rehabilitation. Students will apply anatomy, physiology, kinematic and kinetic principles to exercise progression. Students will identify safety parameters including precautions and contraindications, and normal and abnormal physiological responses associated with varying forms of exercise. Students will demonstrate appropriate technique, communication, and scope of practice for the physical therapist assistant while performing assessments and simulated program upgrades within the established plan of care.



PTA100, PTA100-L, ANAT208, ANAT208-L, PTA211, PTA211-L, PTA215, PTA215-L


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