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Fundamentals of Nursing, Clinical

The purpose of this clinical course is to develop an understanding of the knowledge, skills, and attitude for the safe delivery of patient-centered care. Students will learn and practice basic skills including patient hygiene, linen change, patient nutrition and elimination, and self-care agency for the dependent patient. Students will practice assessment skills (head to toe assessment, vital signs, wound care, naso-gastric tube insertion, Foley catheter insertion, suctioning and tracheostomy care) in the skills and simulation lab.  Students will spend time in the skills lab practicing skills learned in the theory portion of this corequisite class. Students will also spend time providing total patient care to 1 patient in the long-term care setting. Students will complete a modified care plan on each patient cared for and a comprehensive care plan on 1 patient during this clinical experience. This is a foundational course with subsequent courses building on these concepts.


Clinical Hours:

ANAT111, PHYS111

NURS112, MICR112

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