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College History and Description

American Career College was incorporated in California on January 11, 1978. The College, then named American College of Optics, was located at 3030 West Sixth Street in Los Angeles, California. In 1985, the College moved to 3630 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. On September 1, 1989, the College relocated to its present facility at 4021 Rosewood Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The founder's intention was to develop a specialty training school devoted exclusively to the optical dispensing profession.

In September of 1990, the College expanded its curriculum to include the Pharmacy Technician program and changed its name to American College of Optechs. Over the next decade, the College continued to expand its curriculum to include additional specialized allied health programs, and during this time, changed its name to American Career College. In November of 2000, the Orange County Campus in Anaheim opened as a branch of the Los Angeles campus.

In February of 2005, the founder of American Career College formed a new company, Ontario Health Education Company, Inc. and purchased Atlantis Medical College in Norco, California. Subsequently, that college’s name was changed to American Career College. American Career College continued offering the programs that were approved at Atlantis Medical College, while incorporating American Career College’s culture and programs into the school. In June of 2008, the Norco campus moved to its current facility in Ontario, California.

In 2008, American Career College expanded its level of offerings to include Associate of Occupational Science degree programs in various allied health disciplines.


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