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Challenge Credit

To successfully challenge a course, a student must submit a written request to the applicable academic administrator prior to the start of the course. The request will be reviewed according to the following criteria, and if approved, the challenge examination will be administered. If the challenge examination is not successfully passed based on the listed criteria, the student must enroll and complete the course.

Note: Challenge Credit is available for courses in the degree programs only.

Criteria regarding challenge credit include the following:

  • A student must complete the examination prior to the start of the class;
  • Students may not challenge courses in which they are currently enrolled or have previously taken at ACC;
  • A minimum grade of 75% must be achieved on the examination;
  • No more than 18 quarter credits may be earned through challenge examinations;
  • Students may attempt to challenge a course only one time;
  • Credits earned through challenge examination do not count as residential credits or toward a student’s CGPA;
  • A student‘s financial aid may be affected if challenge credit is received;
  • A fee will be charged per exam;
  • The student’s ability to progress in the program may be based on space availability;
  • The College’s decision on the challenge exam is final.


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