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American Career College Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships and grants are other types of aid that can help students cover the cost of their education. Unlike student loans, grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid. American Career College offers a limited number of institutional scholarships for students who qualify. Unless otherwise noted, all ACC scholarships and grants are applied proportionately each payment period toward tuition and fees. Funds are limited and not all who apply will receive an award. There is no cash value for institutional awards. Students who receive an award but withdraw prior to completion of their academic degree programs will forfeit future disbursements. Disbursements will be reduced proportionately for any term in which a student enrolled in a degree program attempts less than 12 credits. Unless otherwise noted, ACC students are limited to one scholarship or grant award per enrollment. 

ACC Dream Act Scholarship

ACC Dream Act Scholarships are offered to applicants who are not eligible for federal financial aid because they are neither U.S. Citizens nor eligible non-citizens, and who have been approved by the USCIS for deferred action, as evidenced by Form I-797. To qualify for the scholarship, students must present the USCIS Approval Notice, along with a copy of their valid work permit. Scholarship amounts vary, and are determined by committee taking into consideration program of study, availability of funds, and an original personal statement, written by the applicant. 

Clinical Affiliates Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is offered to qualified applicants who are either currently employed at one of our active Clinical Affiliates, or who have an immediate family member employed by one of our active Clinical Affiliates who seek to prepare for a career in health care by enrolling at American Career College.

The maximum scholarship amount is $4,000 for degree and VN programs, and $2,000 for all other diploma programs. 

In order to qualify, you must meet all admissions requirements of the program, and the following additional requirements:

  1. You must be a first time applicant to American Career College.
  2. You must be employed by one of American Career College’s active Clinical Affiliates, or be an immediate family member of one of American Career College’s active Clinical Affiliates. (Immediate family for this purpose is defined as child, or spouse/domestic partner.)
  3. You must indicate your employment relationship with an active Clinical Affiliate at the time of application to the school, and present a business card from the employee of the Clinical Affiliate prior to your first packaging appointment with the campus financial aid office.
  4. You must have a recommendation from the Director of Clinical Services for the academic program to which you are applying, as evidenced by their signature on the scholarship application form.
  5. Students enrolled in ACC’s RAD, OTA, PTA, or ADN degree programs do not qualify for this scholarship unless an exception is approved by American Career College’s Chief Operations Officer.

Mark Minsky Scholarship

Mark Minsky began his career at American Career College as a Computerized Business teacher in 2003 at the Los Angeles campus, and later moved on to teaching Math and English at the Orange County campus. While teaching, Mark found his passion helping members of the community who had not finished high school by tutoring them for their High School Equivalency exam. He leaves behind a legacy of successful ACC graduates who transferred to our school after completing their certificate. He had a positive impact on each person he met and has changed thousands of lives for the better.

This scholarship opportunity is offered to qualified applicants who have successfully graduated from an accredited High School Equivalency program, and who seek to continue their education and prepare for a career in business or health care by enrolling in a diploma or degree program at American Career College.

This scholarship is in the amount of $600.

In order to qualify, you must meet all admissions requirements of the chosen ACC program, and the following requirements:

  1. You must have successfully graduated from an accredited High School Equivalency Program, as evidenced by either a copy of the school’s diploma, or official High School Equivalency exam scores from the State of California.
  2. Enroll for the first time in a diploma or degree program at American Career College.

Scholarship funds will be awarded for current or future payment periods only, not retroactively.

Continuing Education Grant (formerly the Alumni Scholarship)

Designed to encourage qualified graduates of American Career College to continue their education by enrolling in another program to increase their job skills and broaden their employment opportunities. Award amounts vary but will not exceed $2,000. 

In order to qualify, students must:

  1. Be a graduate of an American Career College diploma or degree program; and
  2. Enroll in a new diploma or degree program at American Career College; and
  3. Have had no disciplinary actions during previous enrollment; and
  4. Be in good financial standing with American Career College; and 
  5. Renewal of the grant each academic year requires a minimum CGPA of 3.0, and no conduct warnings on student record.

Re-Entry Grant

This grant program is designed to encourage qualified students who withdrew from American Career College’s diploma and degree programs to continue their education by re-enrolling in the program from which they withdrew. The maximum grant amount will be $1,000, not to exceed the student’s existing balance from the previous enrollment. The total amount awarded will be applied as a credit towards tuition and fees in the last payment period of the program prior to graduation.  This grant may only be awarded once per student. 

ACC Ambassador Scholarship

ACC Ambassador Scholarships are designed to encourage the continued professional development of former employees of American Career College who choose to enroll in an ACC associate degree program or Vocational Nursing program on a full-time basis. Eligibility for this scholarship will be determined by a committee, taking into consideration previous employment at ACC, entrance exam score, and evaluation of an original personal statement that describes future career goals. The amount of the scholarship will be 35% of tuition each term of full-time attendance. The scholarship is renewable each academic year for students who maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress. A maximum of three scholarships will be awarded each calendar year. 

ACC Persistence Grant

The ACC Persistence Grant is a full-tuition grant opportunity offered to 2016 and 2017 graduates of American Career College, who completed the Vocational Nursing, Radiography, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Physical Therapy Assistant, or Associate Degree of Nursing program, but were unable to sit for state licensure based on background check disqualifying events, which occurred after their enrollment. Qualified applicants are eligible to enroll in the Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Assistant and Dental Assistant programs at American Career College.

Success Scholarship

This scholarship opportunity is offered to qualified applicants enrolling in the following programs: Medical Assistant, Dental Assisting, Massage Therapy, Pharmacy Technician, Optical Technician, Vocational Nursing, or Respiratory Therapy. Eligibility for this scholarship will be determined based academic ability, unmet financial need, and evaluation of an original personal essay. The amount of the scholarship will vary based on composite score of merit and need criteria but will not exceed $4,000.
In order to qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Enroll in a qualifying ACC program for the first time; and
  2. Meet all admissions requirements to the program; and
  3. Achieve at least the minimum composite score as detailed on the attached Success Scholarship Matrix  
  4. Submit a current FAFSA and required supporting verification documents to establish unmet need; and 
  5. Submit an original one-page personal essay that explains why you think you will be successful in your chosen career.

Vocational Nursing & Respiratory Therapy Students: In order to renew eligibility in subsequent academic years, you must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, submit a renewal FAFSA along with any required verification documents, and not have any conduct warnings in your student record.

ACC Campus Transfer Grant

The ACC Campus Transfer Grant opportunity is offered to applicants enrolled at American Career College’s Lynwood campus. The $750 grant will be awarded to eligible applicants who choose to transfer their enrollment to the Los Angeles, Anaheim, or Ontario campuses, subject to seat availability in the applicants chosen program. 

ADN Transfer Grant for Shepherd University

This grant opportunity was created to benefit recent ADN students who were negatively impacted by the closing of Shepherd University in Los Angeles. The grant is offered to qualified applicants who attended the Associate Degree, Nursing program at Shepherd University in 2017, and are now enrolling in the Associate Degree, Nursing program at American Career College. This grant will be in the amount of $5,000, offered as a tuition credit proportionately disbursed each enrollment period. To qualify, applicants must provide an official transcript from Shepherd University showing attendance in pursuit of an ADN, and be admitted to American Career College’s Associate Degree, Nursing program. There is no cash value for this grant; if you withdraw from ACC’s ADN program before completing, the unused portion of the grant will be lost. This grant may not be combined with any other ACC grants or scholarships.

Ellen M. Lewis Scholarship

The Ellen M. Lewis Scholarship was created to honor the founding Director of the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), Registered Nurse Program at American Career College, Los Angeles.  Awards will be made to students who best demonstrate the commitment and dedication to the nursing profession which Mrs. Lewis has passionately exhibited throughout her career. Students will be selected by a committee based on a combination of criteria including academic performance (GPA), attendance history, and a written essay (approx. 600 words). Click here for grading criteria.  The amount of the scholarship for each recipient will be $2,500 applied to outstanding tuition and fee charges at American Career College. Applications may be submitted by students enrolled in the ADN program at American Career College in their final term of the program who have achieved an overall 90% or greater attendance record. The signed scholarship application and essay must be presented to the ADN Program Director no later than the last day of the fourth week of instruction in the final term of the program.

New Horizons Grant 

This grant opportunity is offered to qualified applicants enrolling in American Career College for the first time after becoming unemployed due to the recent closure of Toys-R-Us. In order to qualify, you must meet all admissions requirements for the ACC program, and have recently become unemployed due to the closure of Toys-R-Us.  For purposes of this grant, “recently” is defined as becoming unemployed on July 1, 2017 or later. If you qualify for this grant, a total of $2,000 will be applied to your student account as a tuition reduction. The grant will be applied proportionately each term or payment period, and may be pro-rated for less than full time enrollment. Application forms are available in the Financial Aid Office. All applications must be returned to the Financial Aid Office, along with documentation of your loss of employment, prior to the start date of your academic program. This grant may not be used in conjunction with any other American Career College grants or scholarships, and does not apply to students already receiving a tuition discount based on a state or county sponsored re-training program.


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