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Clinical Practicum II

This course is a continuation of the clinical experience from RTCP210 and begins with an orientation to the hospital/respiratory department in policies, procedures, equipment storage location and handling. Students will gain competency in the areas of diagnostic testing carried out in the Pulmonary Function Laboratory, CT, MRI and Radiology departments. The student will also develop skills necessary to safely transport patients between departments within the hospital environment. Students will practice skills necessary to safely obtain arterial blood gases, transport and analyze samples and interpret and report results. Students will practice skills necessary to safely secure the patient airway and obtain arterial blood gases from indwelling arterial catheters.  During this practicum, students will complete chart reviews in order to demonstrate familiarity with locating and collecting patient data from the medical record. Students will also present a case study in order to demonstrate the integration of didactic theory with clinical skills.


Clinical Hours:

ANAT205, ANAT205-L, CAREER100, ENGL110, MATH110, PSYC110, RESP200, RESP200-L, RESP221, RESP233, RESP233-L, RESP234, RESP234-L, RESP235, RESP241, RESP241-L, RESP243, RESP251, RESP251-L, RESP253, RESP261, RESP261-L, RESP263, RESP283, RTCP210

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