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Introduction to Clinical Practicum

This course prepares students to begin training in the clinical environment. Topics in this course will include professional ethics and communication skills for students; orientation to charting techniques. HIPAA training, The Joint Commission topics related to patient safety initiatives and professionalism in the health care environment. Focus is also placed on issues surrounding universal precautions, blood-born pathogen safety, infection control, dealing with death and dying and diverse populations. During this course all students will complete pre-clinical health exam, immunizations, TB and drug screening. Additionally, each student will receive certification in American Heart Association health care provider CPR and Fire Safety Training.


ANAT105, ENGL110, MATH110, PSYC110, RCP100, RCP100-L, RCP220, RCP250, RCP250-L, RCP300, RCP330, RCP 330-L, RCP370, RCP470, RCP450, RCP450-L


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