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Musculoskeletal II

Musculoskeletal II expands on the knowledge gained in Musculoskeletal I to discuss treatment progression and sequencing for common musculoskeletal dysfunctions.  Focus will be on identifying impairments through data collection and the physical therapist plan of care then utilizing clinical reasoning skills to design an appropriate treatment.   Concepts of stage of condition, patient demographics and extent of impairments due to dysfunction will be reinforced as clinical decision-making skills are developed. Students are also introduced to the PTA role in applying special tests in patient care. This course runs concurrently with Therapeutic Exercise to compliment development of treatment interventions.  Documentation will also be incorporated into case studies as students practice simulated patient care.



ANAT200, ANAT200-L, ANAT208, ANAT208-L, PTA100, PTA100-L, PTA215, PTA215-L, PTA211, PTA211-L


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