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Musculoskeletal I

Musculoskeletal I facilitates a deeper understanding of applied musculoskeletal anatomy, osteokinematic and arthrokinematic principles associated with functional movement. Understanding muscle action, joint motion and nerve involvement correlating with common musculoskeletal dysfunctions will be the focus.  Abnormal movement and impairments manifesting from common musculoskeletal dysfunction will be explored.  Soft tissue mobilization techniques are introduced as an intervention technique.  Concepts of pain science including pain mechanisms and utilizing pain scale to determine appropriate treatments will be discussed.  Students are introduced to identifying appropriate interventions based on impairments as they begin understanding the concepts of clinical decision-making.  Documentation of treatment will also be included through case studies.


ANAT 200, ANAT 200-L, ANAT 208, ANAT 208-L, PTA 100, PTA 100-L,  PTA 211,  PTA 211-L

PTA 215-L

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