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Health and Safety Requirements

The College strives to provide its students with a secure and safe environment. Classrooms and laboratories comply with the requirements of the appropriate regulatory agencies.

Students are required to complete certain health and safety requirements according to individual program needs. Because many students at the College are involved with direct patient care in health care careers, they may be exposed to conditions of high risk and must be protected. Patients must also be protected against potential health risks from students. Individual programs may have clinical or externship requirements that must be met prior to the first day of the clinical or externship class.

Each program is responsible for tracking and maintaining clinical health and safety requirements and ensuring that students meet the specific program requirements.

All students must meet the requirements of the clinical/externship site to which they are assigned. If a student does not meet the requirements for the site, the student may become ineligible to participate in the specific program of study and unable to complete the program.


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