ACC-Long Beach Olympics Officially Ends with August Attendance Challenge Results


To celebrate the 2016 Games, the American Career College-Long Beach campus held its own mini-Olympics in the middle of an August attendance challenge.

"It was a blast," ACC-Long Beach Executive Director Lani Townsend said. "The students were totally engaged, very competitive and very, very spirited."

The various programs at ACC-Long Beach faced off for a trio of events: soccer, basketball and tug-of-war. Teams were awarded points for each contest and the top three teams received medals.

In basketball, students went head-to-head at a pair of outdoor hoops to see which program could make the most baskets in one minute. A mini-goal was erected in the lobby for the soccer event, with three targets to hit. Top corners were worth 10 points and a middle target was worth five points.

"Probably the most spirited event was the tug-of-war," Townsend said. "That competition I think was by far the one that had the most response from everybody as far as the winners."

Program directors and students really embraced the event, Townsend said, and many of programs wore matching T-shirts or painted their faces with team colors. Townsend said she always enjoys seeing the students come together during on-campus events and watching the camaraderie between programs grow.

"Part of why we do this is to provide a positive, learning environment. But we also have events like this to help inspire people and show them that they can change their life by starting a new career, and have a little fun while doing it.

"And kudos to (massage therapy program director) Kara Mirarchi," Townsend added. "It was her concept to build the attendance challenge around the Olympics, but it was a team effort to bring it to life, and that was what made it even more enjoyable."

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