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Can You Afford That Healthcare Education? Ask These Tuition and Fee Questions Before Applying


Tuition and Fee Questions

Employment in the healthcare industry is rocketing. A recent 1report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 346,000 new healthcare jobs were created in 2018—up from 284,000 in 2017.

If you are a student looking to kick-start your career, healthcare is a great place to start.

If you are headed down this path, you’ll want to make sure that you can afford your healthcare education. Look at the following list of questions to get a handle on your school finances before applying.

Top Tuition Questions to Ask Potential Healthcare Colleges

Key Questions about College Costs

  1. What is the tuition? Before you enroll in any school, you need to figure out how much your courses will cost. You should also figure out how long it will take to earn your degree to get an idea of the overall cost of your education.
  2. Does the school offer financial aid? You don’t necessarily have to foot the entire bill yourself. Colleges, state governments, and the federal government all offer financial aid programs – do your research and identify the most suitable one for you.  
  3. What’s the eligibility criteria for financial aid? Once you know what kind of aid the college offers, check to see if your qualifications match the criteria for a scholarship or grant. Also, look into exactly what financial aid covers. Is it just tuition? Or does it also include living expenses?
  4. What does the cost of classes cover? Oftentimes, the cost of classes is just the beginning– for example, does the tuition include the cost of study materials, equipment, and labs? Do you need to pay any additional fees?
  5. What are the other potential living expenses? Apart from tuition, you may have to pay for living expenses, study materials, and more. Ask the school if they have some common estimates of these expenses for students.
  6. How do I bring down the cost of college?  Ask the college administrators directly. They work with students with financial need all the time and might have some great tips and unique information that can help you lower the cost.
  7. Is there a tuition calculator available? Most top colleges have a tuition calculator on their website which allows students and their families to figure out how much they will have to pay for courses. Find out if the college you are looking at has one and use it.
  8. What are the deadlines for financial aid applications? Find out when the applications are due. You wouldn’t want to miss out because you missed the due date.
  9. What other sources of financial aid, such as grants and scholarships, can I explore? Apart from the college and state and federal governments, scholarships and grants are also offered by private institutions and local communities. Ask the school and go online to find any that you are eligible for.

We hope our list of questions helps to get you started. Remember, you don’t need to travel to the college to get the answers. Most colleges will have a contact us section on their website that you can use to get in touch with them and get your questions answered.

ACC cannot guarantee employment. Programs vary by campus. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the beliefs or position of the school or of any instructor or student.

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