ACC Student Spotlight: Vincenta Anthony


When Vincenta Anthony first came to American Career College, she said she had nothing.

"I lost my son two years ago and when I lost him, I lost me," she said tearfully, "so I wanted a new start and ACC gave that to me. It gave me a new beginning."

Unfortunately, as she began the application process at ACC-Lynwood, Anthony learned her high school diploma wasn't from an accredited school. With the help of the staff at ACC-Lynwood, Anthony signed up for ACC's no-cost High School Equivalency (HSE) preparation program and eventually became eligible to enroll in the vocational nursing program.

Now Anthony is working towards becoming an LVN and hopes to further her career by eventually being a registered nurse.

"ACC managed to help me get a fresh start to a medical career that I've been wanting since I was a kid," Anthony said, "so I really love ACC and appreciate them for giving me a new beginning where I thought there was nothing."

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