ACC Student Spotlight: Cathryn Pyle


Cathryn Pyle enrolled at American Career College to set a good example for her son.

She had worked as a certified nursing assistant for six years but felt it was time to return to school and improve her career potential.

"I'm studying to be a vocational nurse and I eventually want to be a registered nurse, so just one step at a time," Pyle said.

At the recent ACC-Lynwood VN pinning and capping ceremony, Pyle said she really liked how the school made her and her cohort feel appreciated as they headed into the clinical phase of their education.

"Not a lot of schools do stuff like this," she said. "(ACC does) little ceremonies like this to make us feel special, to make us know that we're special and we're accomplishing something. We’re achieving something."


How’s has the VN program been so far?

It's been going good. It's very fast paced. It was difficult at first, but then once you get your study habits in place and you learn what pace you're going, then it gets pretty easy.

Why did you choose to work in healthcare?

I've been in health care since I was about 17. I started working with my mom and handicapped kids and just fell in love with it. I love taking care of people.

Where have you worked before?

In a nursing home in Artesia. I worked graveyard. I've worked in a psychiatric unit and I've also worked in a skilled nursing facility.

Why did you choose American Career College?

To better myself. I heard of it online. It was the best fit for me, for the distance, for the price. Everything was a perfect fit for me.

How do you feel about starting your clinical rotation?

It's exciting. I'm excited because I love going in there and helping people and talking to the patients. I've been in nursing facilities before and I just love the people in there. There are so many different people from different backgrounds and I love talking with people and getting to know them and helping them in any way I can. My mom, she has MS, so I wanted to help her. Eventually, I want to become a RN and work in the trauma or in the birthing center or surgery.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Just take it easy, to relax and trust your teachers. Trust the curriculum and know everything's there for you to learn so you'll be OK.

What do you want people to know about ACC?

The program is a wonderful program. The skills lab is wonderful, the medical mannequins. Everything is there for you to learn. The teachers are great. They give you 110 percent the whole time. It's awesome and I love it. And tonight is another good reason why. Not a lot of schools do stuff like this. They do little ceremonies like this to make us feel special, to make us know that we're special and we're accomplishing something. We’re achieving something.

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