ACC Student Spotlight: Abimel Corral


Before choosing a dental assisting program, Abimel Corral talked to many different schools and asked a lot of questions — until she visited American Career College-Ontario.

"Other schools, you go and you have to ask the questions and here they're very welcoming," she said. "They walk you through (everything) and they beat you to your questions basically."

Corral said she chose to be a dental assistant after seeing how scared her children were while getting their teeth examined.

"It's nice to educate -- especially the young ones -- to educate them as well as adults in their oral health," Corral said. "A lot of people take it for granted."

Once enrolled, Corral said she was initially surprised about the volume of work the eight-month program required. But she soon adjusted to the pace with the help of classmates and fell into a steady groove.

"They have a routine to make it easy and you have people that are just willing to help after school, other classes, other classmates. It becomes easy and you can't be scared to ask," Corral said.

"Don't be shy, don't be intimidated," she added. "I mean we're all here for the same purpose: to get a career for whatever reason and we're all here to ask questions, help each other and help each other accomplish their goals."

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