ACC-Orange County Students Jump Into Action During Appreciation Day


Student Appreciation Days unfortunately aren't always just fun and games for American Career College students.

At ACC-Orange County, staff and students were the first to respond when a van carrying multiple passengers was hit by another car at a nearby intersection.

"If there ever was a reason to remember why we do what we do, that was it," Valerie Dickson, ACC-OC Student Resource Center director, said. "I saw our students rush to help young children and adolescents who were scared and in pain. I watched as our staff stepped in to comfort, offer cell phones for contacting family and reassure the victims that help was on the way."

Nine young people were riding in the van for a summer program; six were taken to UCI Medical Center for further examination. Dickson said it was inspiring to watch staff and evening students from the medical assistant and vocational nursing programs put their training to use.

"American Career College is about helping people," Dickson said. "It’s about providing people with a chance to change their lives. We showed that we are more than a school, we are a community and we care."

On the lighter side, Dickson said, about 600 ACC students attended the all-day event and open house, which featured free tacos and ice cream, a basketball hoop, water pong and a blood drive.

ACC-OC students donated nearly 40 units during the drive, which will provide blood for nearly 120 people. 

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