ACC-Los Angeles Gives Hands-On Example of Surgical Tech Program


At a recent demonstration at American Career College-Los Angeles, prospective students saw firsthand what surgical technology grads will do after completing the program.

“It’s not only passing instruments. It's about teamwork," ACC-Los Angeles surgical tech lab instructor James Tang said. "They have to be able to anticipate, they have to be organized, they have to be on time, they have to have a good attitude. Motivation, that’s what it takes.”

Tang lead a team of surgical techs through a simulated emergency hand amputation. Surgical tech students must have a solid grasp of surgical technique, aseptic technique, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and more to perform in the operating room.

“We try to make the simulation as real as possible. We use real instruments, real supplies like sterile gowns, sterile gloves, sterile sutures, dressings," Tang said after the demonstration. "The only thing here in the lab that’s not real is the patient."

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