ACC Student Spotlight: Michael Madrid Olmos


Pharmacy Technician student Michael Madrid Olmos is in his last module of classes at ACC-Ontario, and is excited to start his second career.

Olmos said he views pharmacy techs as very important to helping patients improve their quality of life. "It doesn't matter if it's migraines, cancer, pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are a vital part of making them better."

His family was a big motivator in him going back and Olmos said it was ACC's program and resources that solidified his decision to attend the program. 

"I worked construction for years and my wife noticed I need a change and that I was good in chemistry and math, so she suggested I try out pharmacy" Olmos shared.

"I came in and fell in love with the school," Olmos added. "I'm over 30 years old, I thought I was too old to come back, but they were very inviting and helped me realize it is possible."

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