Inspire Club Springs Into Action at ACC-Long Beach


American Career College-Long Beach kicked off the spring season with an Inspire Club luncheon and some motivating words from alumni and current students.

More than a dozen students and staff crowded into ACC-Long Beach’s mezzanine as Student Resource Center Manager Chandra Deveroux and Admissions Manager Shavon Spiller started the meeting by thanking everyone who was able to attend and began the introductions.

Samuel Briscoe, a medical billing and coding student at ACC-Long Beach, was the keynote speaker. Briscoe shared with the group some of the struggles he had encountered during his academic journey. He encouraged fellow students to not quit and to know that the staff at ACC had helped him get through some of the bumps in the road.

"You want to make a change? Here's the place to make it. I did and other people can to if they want it," Briscoe said. "If they want to bad enough these people, every one of them, will help you get through it and reach your goal. They will help you, any way they can. That's what's awesome about here."

Kellye Johnson, a massage therapy graduate, had recently helped motivate a friend to enroll in the massage program.

“He's actually my second one that I've inspired to come here,” she said. “I love the program. Actually, I love all the programs here at ACC. I think it's a fantastic college. I love the staff. I love their dedication."

Johnson said she really appreciated how invested the staff and faculty were in the students as individuals and in their success.

“That's what pushes me when I hear people say they want to go to medical assistant or dental or massage or anywhere like that,” Johnson said. “I have them come here to tour the campus. I just know once I get them in this building the rest will do itself.”

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