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Three Reasons to Get Started in Surgical Technology


Surgical Tech Career Advancement

Originally created during the Second World War, the role of the surgical technologist has evolved into one that continues to be an increasingly integral part of surgical procedures.

Surgical Technologists in Previous Years

Even back during the World War II era, surgical techs were essential in the operating room. Pauline Haydt Minnich, a skilled surgical technician who worked in operating rooms during the Second World War proves that the basic principles of what a surgical tech does has remained the same throughout the years.

“I laid the instruments out, and when the doctor came in, I had the tray set up. The doctors would say, ‘Hand me a scalpel’ or ‘Hand me a forceps,’” she told The Morning Call. She worked at the Regional and Convalescent Hospital in San Antonio, Texas assisting in eye, ear, nose and throat operations.

After operations, she and other surgical technicians facilitated the cleanup process, which is still part of the duties of a surgical technologist today.What has begun to evolve, however, is the level of work that surgical techs must do on the job.  

What Does a Surgical Tech Do?

The Association of Surgical Technologists (AST) answers the question, “What do surgical technologists do?” in a succinct fashion, saying, “Surgical technologists work under the supervision and delegatory authority of a surgeon to facilitate the safe and effective conduct of invasive and non-invasive surgical procedures, ensuring that the operating room environment is safe, that equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety.”

Everything from prepping the OR (Operating Room) with the necessary tools, to assisting the surgeon with the operation, to taking inventory and overseeing the cleanup of the surgical equipment is all facilitated by the surgical technologist. An integral part of the surgical setup, a surgical tech offers invaluable support to the surgeon when they go in to perform their operations. If this sounds like the type of career role you would be interested in pursuing, now is the time to learn more. There are several reasons why becoming a surgical tech is a good career choice.

Why You Should Consider Becoming a Surgical Technologist

  1. The Demand  – According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), jobs in this field are projected  to grow by 12% in the time period of 2016-2026. According to the AMA Journal of Ethics, the population of seniors is expected to continue to swell in the coming years, especially with members of the baby boomer generation getting older – fueling the need for increased medical care and driving the demand for medical professionals, including surgical techs in the future. With this growing demand, the average surgical tech's career advancement is also expected to speed up.
  2. Shorter Course – Getting into some medical careers, such as becoming a doctor, can take eight years or more with medical school on top of getting an undergraduate degree, however, earning a Surgical Tech degree can take less than two years.
  3. A Unique and Satisfying Job – Being part of the medical industry, and especially being in the middle of the action in the operating room is not for everyone. It requires intelligence, knowledge, endurance and the ability to think on your feet. Few experiences can compare to the satisfaction you get from helping save someone’s life. Should you become a surgical tech, you could receive this level of satisfaction every day.

    It is evident that surgical technology is an exciting, fascinating and rewarding career for any young adult to pursue.  If the above appeals to you, and you answer the question “Should I become a surgical tech?” with a resounding yes, then remember the college you choose to acquire your training from will determine your success.

American Career College, with its program accreditation in place, offers an  Associate of Occupational Science in Surgical Technology, and should be on your list of schools to consider. Our expertise, infrastructure and partnerships are dedicated in helping you take your first steps in this rewarding career.

ACC cannot guarantee employment.

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