ACC Graduate Spotlight: Rochelle Scott


As a pharmacy technician student in 2001, Rochelle Scott knew she wanted to work in the medical field. But she also knew there was only so much she could handle.

"I wanted to do something but I didn’t want to do something that would make me deal with all the 'ick,'” Scott said, “so I found that being a pharmacy technician allowed me to be in healthcare but I didn't have to deal with blood and things of that nature — and it allowed me to do other things."

After graduating from American Career College-Los Angeles in 2002, she went on to work in several retail and office settings. More than 10 years later, Scott is returning to an ACC campus, but this time as a pharmacy technician instructor at ACC-Orange County. Scott said her experience in the profession and as a former ACC student will help her train students, but it’s her passion for teaching that will aid her the most.

“I adore working in education, seeing the interest I inspire within my students,” she said. “I just really enjoy being a mentor.”


What's the main thing you want pharmacy technician students to know?

The amount of work that is out there for pharmacy technicians — there's so much that they can do within the field. A lot of people think that you are just going to be working at the hospital or maybe at a retail pharmacy, but as a pharmacy technician you can do so much more. You're going to be working at retail locations, hospitals, prisons, veterinary offices, insurance companies, you can write books, you can go into IT, you can go into education. There are so many different things and so many facets that you can work in, just as a pharmacy technician. And if you then choose to expand your education and add on to that the possibilities are even more endless.

What inspires you as a teacher?

When I became an instructor, just the interaction, the love that I get from my students — that was my "a-ha" moment. It was letting me know that I am absolutely doing the right thing. It actually pushed me to be a better academic. I want to go back and get my pharmacists degree. I want to also further my teaching credentialing.

What advice do you have for new students?

Stay focused. Just continue to say focused and continue to stay committed to it. As long as you do that, what you put into it you will get that out in ten-fold.

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