Retired Surgeon Makes Inspire Club Lunch an Enriching Moment at ACC-Long Beach


More than 30 American Career College-Long Beach students took part in September's Inspire Club and were joined for lunch by retired surgeon Dr. Marvin Jensen.

Dr. Jensen — who recently volunteered his skills at ACC-Long Beach's first dental clinic — shared stories from his long career as a medical doctor and oral surgeon and fielded questions from the students. He also challenged the Inspire Club members to a quiz on a variety of medical subjects. Correct answers were rewarded with dollar bills, to help reinforce that it pays to know things, Jensen said.

"It was very cool," ACC-LB medical assistant student Francisco Sanchez said after the meeting. "I liked that we got the doctor to come in here and he told us a lot. It gave me a good look at what goes on in the healthcare field and how it's going to be. It just made it more interesting."

Sanchez, who inspired two people to enroll at ACC, said being in the Inspire Club gave him a sense of accomplishment that he was helping others make a change in their lives.

"It makes me feel proud, and it makes me proud of them," he said. "And they're proud of me."

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