Inspire Club Mixers Help Feed Motivation


Inspiration is hungry work. At least that's how it seemed at American Career College latest Inspire Club mixer.

Inspire Club

  • Refer a friend or family and become V.I.P. (Very Inspirational Person) when they enroll! (See Admissions for more details)


  • A special VIP collectors pin for each person you inspire
  • A special VIP lanyard
  • Graduation ceremony benefits like VIP seating for friends and family and special acknowledgement

A group of about 20 ACC graduates and students shared what drove them to make a change in their lives during the lunch-time meeting on the Long Beach campus in December.

Medical Assistant Program graduate Brenda Gonzalez said her sister's success in the medical billing and coding program at ACC-Long Beach helped push her back into school.

"She knew I was fresh out of college and I wasn’t really happy with my career so she told me about medical assisting," Gonzalez said. "This last Saturday, I got certified. That’s a big step for me because I just finished my externship, so I feel like from the beginning of this last year, I started off where I thought I wasn’t going anywhere and now I’m already certified — so it gets me excited."

Alice Franco graduated from ACC-Long Beach in September 2015 and is now working as a massage therapist in the area. Franco said her achievement motivated her little sister to enroll as a dental assistant student on the Long Beach campus.

"I’m really touched by all the stories I just heard," Franco said. "I think it’s good to let people know the struggle that you went through because someone else’s struggle could be harder than yours but if they did it then there’s no reason why anyone else can’t do it."

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