ACC Student Spotlight: Brianna Garcia Gibbons


It's easy to smile when you love what you're doing. Just ask Brianna Garcia Gibbons.

A dental assisting student at American Career College, Gibbons chose the Ontario campus specifically for its dental lab. She's looking forward to graduating and getting a job so she can help out her grandparents.

Do you have any advice for new students?

Study. Don't be afraid to open your textbook. That thing should be your right-hand man and obviously pay attention in class and do the best that you can.

Why did you chose dental assisting?

I choose to be in this profession because I want everyone to have a beautiful smile. It makes them more confident. It's very fun to learn about. No two cases are the same and I think that's what's most enjoyable about it.

Was there a reason you chose to attend ACC-Ontario?

ACC Ontario specifically is known for their dental lab, that's why I chose this specific location. We have four operatories, two different bench mounts where we can have up to 20 students in one classroom with two instructors, one for lab specifically. It's not too overwhelming with too many students. It's a lot of hands-on training and I really enjoyed that the most.

Who inspires you?

My grandparents inspired me specifically throughout this program and they just moved to Nevada so I want to get through this program, make some money and move them back to California to be with me.

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