ACC's April 2016 VNs Celebrate Pinning, Candle Lighting Ceremony


On July 14, more than 25 American Career College students from the April 2016 vocational nursing class participated a pinning ceremony held at St. Francis Medical Center auditorium.

The candle lighting, capping and pinning ceremony is a tradition that marks a vocational nursing student’s passage to practicing the acquired skills in the clinical setting. Students take the Practical Nurses Pledge, in which they vow to uphold the standards and ideals of the nursing profession.

Class ambassador Stephanie Godfrey shared a heartfelt and moving reflection of how she chose ACC-Lynwood and her journey since starting the VN program. She included how close her class is and that they agreed they would work together to ensure each student's success.

As part of the tradition, the 26 first-semester students had the honor of being capped and pinned by the senior VN students. Additionally, students received a lamp signifying Florence Nightingale and the origins of nursing.

Family, friends and significant others were in full support and witnessed this milestone in the students' educational journey. In a collaborative team approach, the event was attended by ACC faculty and staff, as well as medical assisting students from the Lynwood and Long Beach campuses.

Congratulations, April 2016 VN students!

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