ACC-Ontario Vocational Nurse Pinning Caps November 2016


For more than 70 American Career College graduates in Ontario, November's vocational nurse pinning marked the end of a "short, long year."

"We had a long journey ahead of us in Term 1, but now we are here and we did it together," ACC-Ontario VN graduate Lisa Whigham said to the cohort. "We had our ups and our downs but I commend those that were able to behave in a professional manner. That is what a good nurse does."

Whigham praised ACC-Ontario's admissions department and faculty for helping guide the students through the 16-month program. Some of her favorite instructors included Mrs. Marella, Mrs. Evagelista, Mrs. Q, Mrs. Simon, Mr. Montano, Mr. Hernandez and Mr. T.

"Thank you guys for you instruction and guidance," she said. "Thank you to the staff in all departments who survived Cohort 25 as well.

"This has been a short, long year. We did it guys," Whigham said. "I will miss you all but hope to see you again within the nursing community."

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