ACC Faculty Spotlight: Keith Brar, RN


One of the best parts about being a nurse, according to Keith Brar, is “seeing that satisfaction on your patient’s face.” And as one of American Career College’s vocational nursing instructors, Brar also likes seeing that same satisfaction on his student’s face.

Brar, who has worked as a registered nurse in 2014, said he jumped at the opportunity to teach when he saw the opening at ACC-Orange County’s campus.

“It’s just a new experience, a new challenge that I wanted to take on,” he said. “I want to make sure it’s not just reading the textbook and answering questions on the test. I want my students to walk out of there really knowing what’s being taught and understanding it 100 percent.”


What are you looking forward to as an ACC instructor?

I think one thing that as students -- especially for me when I was learning -- was teachers that come in with a lot of passion. To be able to bring that into a classroom and affect those students and be able to teach them and touch them the way teachers were able to reach out and teach us in a very passionate way. I'm hoping to be able to achieve that so that's one thing that I look forward to.

What's the best advice you've received as a nurse?

Listen to understand and not to respond. I think that was a big part of it was that a lot of the times especially if somebody is angry and they're saying something, you want to respond right away. So I think that was the best piece of advice is that when they are talking to me kind of take a second, understand where they're coming from, what they're trying to say and then give a response.

What is the one thing you want your VN students to know?

Take something away from every day and every kind of situation that you're in. Sometimes we're so focused on or stressing out about that one exam that's coming out that we kind of tune out the opportunities that we're in -- whether it's in a clinical setting or in another classroom or whatnot so pay attention to the present, take away something from every class from every clinical opportunity from every patient. I think that's one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give.

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