ACC-Orange County OTA Students Have a Super Day Volunteering in Santa Ana


You don't need a cape to be a superhero, but it never hurts.

This August, more than 20 occupational therapy assistant students from American Career College-Orange County helped children at the Child Abuse Prevention Center’s Summer Celebration dress like their favorite comic book characters.

The Summer Celebration is an annual event at the Santa Ana Zoo for Child Abuse Prevention Center program participants to connect as a family, and get their children ready for the new school year with donated school supplies.

In the Super Hero tent, OTA students helped the children make and design their own capes from a variety of supplies, including colorful glitter and gel pens, hole punchers, Velcro, glue, different fabric shapes and colorful patches.

“The children get a cape, and the students are also getting experience working with them, being professional, learning how to talk to the children in age-appropriate language so a child understands and then how to turn that around and actually talk to a parent,” Rachelle Murphy, an OTA instructor at ACC-Orange County, said.

Some of the ACC-OC students were only in their first few weeks of OTA instruction, but others — like Marie Margarett Angeles — had attended many other volunteer events.

Angeles, who will be recognized by the OT Association of California conference in October for her community service, said there is no better way to learn, have fun and gain valuable experience than to volunteer.

“With this experience, seeing the people, learning, been thanked — it’s so rewarding,” Angeles said. “I’m so happy that I’m here. It’s nice to be in school but experience, volunteering outside of class, field work, it’s going to open your mind so much more.”

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