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Four Reasons to Start a Medical Billing and Coding Career


Medical Billing and Coding Career

A career in Medical Coding and Billing allows you to become part of the medical industry without going through an extensive clinical training program. This career path requires candidates to understand, process and dispatch medical paperwork on behalf of medical institutions quickly and accurately.

As the medical coding and billing job description indicates, it is a technical vocation that requires a certain level of mastery of the software involved, along with a keen insight into the healthcare industry. If you opt for a career in medical billing and coding, you will work out of a medical institution and contribute to the smooth functioning of the institution’s payment, insurance, and records processes. Expediting these processes helps optimize the medical organizations’ resources and allows them to serve their patrons better.

Medical Billing and Coding careers have been gaining popularity across the United States, making them a great career choice in the medical field. The following are some reasons why people are beginning to look into this career:

  1. Future prospects look good

    Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook

    Another career aspect many people think about is the growth trend of the vocation and the industry in general. While the salary, as we stated earlier, is competitive, another positive is that the medical billing and coding job outlook is only expected to get stronger. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS)  states, “Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.” The reason that BLS gives for this projected growth is that, “an aging population will require more medical services, and health information technicians will be needed to organize and manage the older generations’ health information data. This will mean more claims for reimbursement from insurance companies.”
  2. The course is short and convenient

    Medical Billing and Coding Job Outlook

    One thing people often think about when a job in the medical industry comes to mind is the idea that a job in the medical industry requires an extensive education that lasts multiple years. This is not the case when it comes to a career in Medical Billing and Coding. At ACC, our Medical Billing and Coding training program can be completed in as little as nine months, which is less time than the average length for other medical careers such as doctors and dentists. You can contact us if you have any queries regarding the course structure and its length.
  3. Job satisfaction from working in healthcare

    Medical Billing and Coding Job Description

    One of the best parts about working in the medical industry is knowing that your efforts directly result in a better, healthier life for millions of people. Knowing that your work makes such a huge difference in someone’s life is extremely rewarding on a personal and emotional level, and you can enjoy that feeling with a medical billing and coding job.
  4. Opportunities to work independently

    Medical Billing and Coding Career Path

    There are options to work outside of conventional professional structures as well. Being an IT-based job, a career in medical billing and coding can give you the flexibility to work from home or elsewhere should your employer allow you to do so, and as long as you have access to a laptop and Wi-Fi.

A medical billing and coding career path is clearly one that offers potential, promise and immense job satisfaction for any candidate looking for a change in career or taking the first steps toward building their professional lives. At American Career College, our Medical Billing and Coding program helps students graduate with the confidence and experience they need to be successful in this rewarding career. We offer the accredited Medical Billing and Coding training program at the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Ontario campuses.

ACC cannot guarantee employment.

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