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Fast Track Healthcare Careers - Clinical Opportunities in Under a Year


Fast Track Health Care Careers

There is often a misconception that in order to get a job in the healthcare industry, you have to get a degree that could take multiple years to get. However, there are some diplomas you can earn in under a year, so you can start your career in this exciting and rewarding industry sooner. If you are passionate about entering this industry soon, accelerated medical diplomas programs could be your best bet!

Accelerated healthcare diplomas put you on a faster track to a medical career. The following five diploma programs can be completed in under a year and can help you start a promising career.

  1. Medical Assistant (MA) Diploma

    If you like variety in the workspace, ACC’s 9-month fast track medical assistant diploma might be what you’ve been looking for! MAs are responsible for performing clinical as well as administrative tasks and thus, are trained in diagnostic medical procedures and lab techniques along with patient relations, office practices and patients’ records maintenance. Employment of medical assistants is projected to grow 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Once certified, you may qualify for entry-level positions in hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics, HMOs, medical call centers and research facilities.
  2. Dental Assisting Diploma

    Accelerated Healthcare Programs

    Dental Assistants (DAs) can perform laboratory tasks like sterilizing and handing tools to dentists, using tools during procedures, and processing x-rays.  They also perform administrative tasks such as assisting patients’ scheduling and billing. DAs may also explain or demonstrate proper dental hygiene to patients to ensure they are practicing proper cleaning tactics. ACC’s 10-month Dental Assisting diploma can help you become a qualified DA.

    With an expected growth of 19% between 2016 and 2026, this career option offers a potential for increased opportunities.

    Upon completion of the course, you can qualify for entry-level positions in dentists’ and orthodontists’ offices, hospital dental departments, dental clinics, public health and correctional facilities, schools/universities and dental supplier companies.
  3. Medical Billing and Coding Diploma

    You can complete ACC’s Medical Billing and Coding diploma in as little as 9 months. Upon successful completion, you are one step closer to being a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. You train to act as a liaison between patients, insurance companies and physicians. Medical coders ensure that the correct work has been carried out by cross-referencing patient’s medical records with doctor’s notes. Medical billers use this information to ensure that all parties are aware of how the bill will be paid, submitting/appealing claims for procedures and diagnosis, and speaking directly with insurance companies and patients.

    The field of Medical Billing and Coding has an expected job growth of 11.8% from 2016 to 2026, which makes it a great career choice..  With this diploma, you can obtain an entry-level position in doctors’ and dentists’ offices, clinics and healthcare facilities, HMOs and insurance and independent billing companies.
  4. Pharmacy Technician Diploma

    Fast Track Medical Careers

    The Pharmacy Technician diploma from ACC can be completed in as little as 9 months and helps students learn pharmaceutical terminology and management along with proper drug classifications and administration. You receive prescriptions from patients and physicians, measure medication, stock and manage pharmacy inventory and maintain and check patient records for possible conflicts between medications. While you perform most of the administrative duties, many of these tasks require a hands-on approach.

    After earning certification, you can qualify for entry-level positions in retail pharmacies, home health pharmacies, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics and prescription call centers.
  5. Optical Technician Diploma

    Fasst Track Medical Careers

    ACC’s optical technician diploma can be completed in as little as 9 months and can help you prepare for an entry-level position as an optical lab technician, optical technician or contact lens fitter. The job demands a seamless blend of clinical skills, style and salesmanship. An aspirant performs various tasks including conducting basic eye exams, filling prescriptions from ophthalmologists and optometrists, fit contact lenses and eye-glasses for those with eye problems, etc.

    With a faster than average expected employment growth of 17.6% from 2016 to 2026, this career option offers bright opportunities for its contenders. Once certified, you can qualify for entry-level positions in offices of ophthalmologists and optometrists, optical labs and retail vision centers.

American Career College (ACC) has multiple accelerated and accredited medical diplomas. With over 40 years of excellence in healthcare training and 50,000+ graduates, we offer 12 healthcare programs at our campuses in Southern California. For more information or enrollment, feel free to contact us.

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