ACC Graduate Spotlight: Genevieve Guzman


For Genevieve Guzman, graduating from American Career College's occupational therapy assistant program was the end of a journey she began a long time ago.

"There's 30 of us in this cohort. We worked long and hard to get to this point," Guzman said. "We all are working, some of us are parents, some of us were going through rough times but we did it."

Why did you want to be an occupational therapy assistant?

I had cancer when I was a little girl back in 2004 and I had occupational therapists help me to rehabilitate, so that stuck with me and I'm actually doing it now. It stuck with me ever since I was little that I wanted to do this. I want to give back. They helped me get back on my feet so I want to help others get back on their feet as well.

What do you want to do after graduation?

I know I want to work with kids, in pediatrics, or something that. I'm really passionate about that. Since I was helped as a child I want to help kids too. Just knowing that I could help others, that I can help others do what they wanted to do to their fullest potential. The rewarding part for me is that I'm helping someone.

What advice do you have for new students?

Study and read. Actually read the book. Listen to your teachers because they are looking out for your best interests and really want you to achieve your goals. The staff here at ACC is really awesome. They really do care and they really do individualize how they teach according to what you can and cannot do.

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