72 Employers Attend ACC-Los Angeles' First Career Fair of 2017


American Career College-Los Angeles started off the 2017 career fair season with a bang, hosting 72 employers and 177 graduates at a recent event.

3 Job Tips from Career Services

What's the best way to get an interview after meeting a recruiter at a job fair? According to ACC-LA Career Services Director Gohar Abrahamian, it comes down to three simple — but important — things.

  • Good handshake
  • Great eye contact
  • Nice resume

The March career fair took up two rooms at ACC-Los Angeles, with late-arriving recruiters being delegated to the third floor lobby to interview students.

"We're doing this for the success of the graduates because we want to make sure they all are hired," ACC-LA Career Services Director Gohar Abrahamian said. "That's the most important thing. It's not just about getting their education; it's about the outcomes. That's what keeps the graduates happy, the faculty happy. And when we know students are working, then Career Services is happy too. That's our ultimate goal."

Abrahamian said some of people at the career fair were active students, so this event was more for them to learn and acclimate to the job fair environment since it was their first experience at one. 

She also wanted to remind both students and graduates that Career Services offers a variety of workshops to help develop interview skills, perfect resumes, and "even improve how they sit and their demeanor."

"This is what you need to do to stand out at a career fair," Abrahamian said. "Career Services is a hard-working team and the whole department is happy when a student gets hired."

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