ACC Student Spotlight: Maria Rivas Marlen


Maria Revis Marlin used to look in the mirror every night and every morning and tell herself "You can do this."

Now, one month from graduating, the American Career College-Ontario student tells her reflection "I'm doing it."

Laid off after 20 years in customer service, Marlin decided to pursue a career in medical billing and coding because the healthcare field is in demand "and medical billing will always be a need."

"I heard a lot of nice things about (ACC-Ontario) from different people that I've met and finally when I got to choose, I remembered this school, so I came here first," she said.

A single parent, Marlin acknowledges she still is growing and learning about her new field. She encouraged students to never stop moving toward their goals. 

"Study, listen to your teacher, do all your homework and try to be here every day because it really counts," she said. "Everything counts here."

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