More Than 40 Recruiters Leaf Through Resumes at ACC-Ontario’s Fall Career Fair


Nearly 700 students and graduates came out to the Fall 2017 career fair at American Career College-Ontario Career to meet with more than 40 employers this October.

ACC-Ontario Career Services Director Juan Carlos Jimenez said career fairs are a great way to connect with potential employers, either for jobs with graduates or for setting up externships down the road with students. Jimenez stressed that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to dress and interact like a professional, adding he was pleased with how many of the graduates took the fair seriously.

"Appearance is No. 1 obviously. Applicants have to present themselves in a manner that is very professional, very forthcoming. The second way is noting how we interact with the employer and what to say and what not to say with the employer," Jimenez said. "Let them know what you're all about. Share a little bit about their professional side, and show why they should be interested in continuing that conversation with the graduate or the student."

Crystal Connors, surgical services director at Desert Valley Hospital, said she appreciates it when applicants don't divulge their complete work history and just stick to the job requirements.

"If you're going to apply for a position with us, I don't want to know about your experience at Starbucks or as a fork lift operator. I want to know about what you've done in the OR, even though it's clinical experience, that still is very relevant and that's something that I need to know about," Connors said.

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