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Light and Single Vision*

This module starts with an introduction to light, refraction, and reflection. Students learn basic anatomy and physiology of the eye. Different lens designs, prescription, true powers, transposition, metric system and diopter power are discussed. Students learn to calculate the horizontal and vertical powers. Refractive errors are discussed. Prentice’s Rule is introduced and students calculate induced prism. Students receive hands-on experience in lensometry, frame measurements and patient measurements. Students practice the steps required to fabricate a pair of single vision glasses. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards are presented and students' projects are checked according to the standards. Students learn how to tint lenses. Students practice salesmanship through role-playing. Causes and treatments of low vision are discussed. Students are introduced to the personal computer and gain experience utilizing a variety of instructional programs related to theoretical concepts taught in this module.


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